List of Celebrities Getting Naked On Instagram

Let’s be honest. Celebrities adore the adulation and attention fans give them. They love it even more than walking on the red carpets. To make sure that they stay in the limelight, celebs are getting naked in front of the camera. Some celebrities appear to be having a war among each other to see who will get more attention and followers. One site that has seen a huge increase in pictures of naked celebrities is Instagram. The social media platform has become an outlet for celebs to strip and show off their bodies to the rest of the world.

Fans don’t really care why celebs want to keep stripping and showing off their bodies. They are happy and enjoy each celebrity sex pic. Below, are some of the celebrities who are getting naked on Instagram.  Lea Michele has posted several photos of herself in the nude on Instagram. The gorgeous American actress has a great body and is apparently not afraid to show it. The female comedian Iliza Shlesinger took a nude selfie showing off her firm and nice tits. She also shows her body and a small glimpse of her v-cut.

Those that love Ashley Graham were elated to see her sharing a picture where she is taking a shower in the nude on Instagram. She has another where she shows her entire body or parts of it.

The star Joanna Krupa has been on several reality TV shows. She took a nude selfie where fans got to see her vagina and parts of her breasts. Not to be outdone by her sister Kim, Kourtney Kardashian has also been posting nude selfies. While they don’t show as much as her siblings, they do offer a glimpse of her hot and sexy body.

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