Amateur Sex Pics & Porn GIFS Are A Booming Business

In the world of pornography, there are all kinds of sex pictures, videos and porn GIFS images. With so many users worldwide with varying taste, many sites have hundreds of different categories for people to view. Still, some categories in porn are more popular than others. One of the hottest and most lucrative categories in sex pics, porn GIFS and videos is the amateur genre. The past few years, amateur sex pics and porn GIFS have become a booming business in the porn industry. There are millions of people who are making a ton of money selling their sex pics, videos, porn GIFS and live streams via amateur sites. Amateur sex pics or genre is different because it typically involves people of all walks of life. Unlike professional porn stars in adult videos, these are actual amateurs having sex in front of the cameras.

Several sites are charging people a ton of money to see live streams of amateur couples having sex. They also let you watch these people as they perform all kinds of wild things for you via live streams or recorded content. Besides the live streaming, there are also sites which have all kinds of sex pictures for you to see. Some sites do charge for you to view the videos and other material. Still, there are many websites which offer millions of free sex pics for you to check out. They also have animated porn GIFS for free as well.

In the United States, there are many amateur porn stars who are making a good substantial amount of money doing amateur porn. One woman named Sarah is an interior designer by trade. She has a college degree and is well educated. She also has a boyfriend whom she has been dating for several years. What many people don’t know about Sarah is that 3 times a month, she has sex in front of a camera for the internet to see. They make amateur sex videos for a company called Sexy Secret. The couple earns about $500 to $600 a month for their 20 minutes of amateur sex acts. Sarah and her boyfriend’s sex acts, provide users sex pictures and porn GIFS from the videos.

There are many other amateurs just like Sarah and her boyfriend all over the USA and the world. But, many of these amateurs provide their sex pics, videos and porn GIFS images for free to the public. While you can find an unlimited amount of free sex pics online every day, some sites do charge money for their content.

A site called XTube offers internet users a bunch of free sex videos they can enjoy on their site. They also have sex pics and GIF porn images on But, XTube makes money by offering users a chance to view original and real amateurs engaged in sex acts. Users pay anywhere between 50. Cents to $2.50 for a chance to see these amateur sex videos. The short homemade amateur porn flicks are very successful for the XTube site. People who post amateur porn videos on XTube can make 50% of the profits.

Unlike professional porn, amateur sex pics and porn GIFS provide people a chance to see regular folks engaged in sex acts. Many of these people can be your next door neighbors or someone you know from work. Because those that want to view animated porn GIFS images, videos and sex pics think this way, it is what makes amateur porn so popular. To them, they are not watching professional porn stars have sex. They see normal, average folks performing wild sex acts in front of the camera. It is the same concept which has made reality TV so successful. People want realism even in their porn GIFS and sex pics.

Sites such as XTube prove just how popular sex pictures, GIF porn and videos of amateurs can be. The site gets about 56 million page views per day. They also make about $140,000 to $160,000 each month. Most of the profit comes from on-demand video movies. The other 40% comes from the amateur sex pics and porn GIFS and videos section. Voyeurism has always been very popular in the porn world and even in real life. For those that love taking off their clothes in front of the camera and having sex in front of people, amateur sites can be very lucrative for them. While they may not make as much as money as professional pornstars earn, they can make a few hundred dollars each month. The internet is the place to be for those that want to provide people with their free sex pics, videos and porn GIFS. It is also a place for those who want to make money for voyeurism. In the end, there will never be a shortage of users online who pass up a chance to see hot amateurs go at it.